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SeaWalker Maui
Coctails and sunsets
Play in the ocean

Join us on the Kaulana for a water playground extravaganza. Take a moonwalk on the bottom of the ocean with SeaWalker and view the world renowned underwater world of Maui. Imagine seeing wide varieties of colorful fish, sea turtles, and living coral all while being able to breath freely. Fresh air is constantly pumped into the helmet providing a comfortable and safe environment and you can even wear your glasses. Experience the feeling of walking as an astronaut does while staying safely on our own planet. No diving experience or swimming skills are necessary at all.

Just when you think the adventure is over, play up top in our water park filled with toys, slides, and snorkeling. This 3 hour excursion to our water playground is open for all ages and anyone from 8-80 will enjoy SeaWalker. All gear and instruction are included as well as beverages and snacks. Live like a kid again and remember to play, play, play!!!!!

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